Geetanjali Institute of Technical Studies

Geetanjali University in a very short span of time has succesfully established its reputation as an epicentre of Quality Medical Education and Research in the State of Rajasthan and in India. This all has been possible through a wide vision, focused approach and hard work of renowned Industrialist and Social activist Mr. J.P. Agarwal.

Ql. What makes Geetanjali Institute of Technical Studies very unique?

The core philosophy of Geetanjali Institute of Technical Studies, is rooted in the belief that education beyond knowledge should lead to self-fulfilment through complete personality development. This can be achieved by optimising an individual’s potential and providing direction through a cohesive training programme so as to create future leaders of country. GITS has embarked to grow to be an epicentre of quality education with emphasis given to quality research in Science, Engineering. Technology and Management at graduate and postgraduate levels.

Q2. How did the journey begin?

It was the cherished-dream to provide the people of Rajasthan with affordable but quality7 education and provide them medical facility with world-class teaching and research facility that set the pace for Geetanjali Education Society in 2002. Under which, the premier Engineering institute was the first stepping stone, and on Nov 11, 2006 the state-of-the-art Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) was established in a record time of 11 months. The various entities of Geetanjali University like medical college and hospital, college of physiotherapy, institute of pharmacy, school of nursing, have collectively fulfilled the inner desire of creating a system of higher education which is academically excellent and society viable.

Q3. What programmes are in place for overall development of the students?

In addition to educational programmes, we assist our students in identifying and developing their academic and career interest and setting the short-term and long-term goals through individual counseling. We achieve this through competency development cell (CDC) which acts as an interface between industry and the institute to streamline the placement rocess and guide students in choosing the best career options. Round the year, corporate professionals interact with the students and share their vast & rich knowledge and experience through seminars, conferences, workshops, etc. and students get immensely benefitted by the same. As a result, companies such as IBM, TCS, WIPRO, TECH MAHINDRA, CAPGEMINI, AXIS BANK, OPEN TEXT, MINDTREE, AON HEWITT, etc. visit Geetanjali educational institutions regularly to pick young and igniting minds through their campus interviews/selections.

Q4. How has education changed in recent times?

Today, education is knowledge driven and highly technology based with focus on skills & expertise required to make students industry- ready professionals. Innovations are fast and quick so it is imperative that one keeps abreast of the latest systems in place that are locally effective and globally acceptable. However, the societal values have to be safeguarded for which personality development is imperative. So

Geetanjali group is one of the leading groups in India imparting technical education and management studies at Geetanjali Institute of Technical studies (Udaipur). Not only this, quality medical education is also given through the state-of-the-art Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital (GMCH). Geetanjali group has earned tremendous recognition over the years for its research- based education, eminent faculties and tranquil atmosphere established under able guidance and vision of Mr. J.P AGARWAL, a renowned                   .

Industrialist and social activist, to promote quality Chairperson, education and world-class medical facilities at Geetanjali University nominal and affordable cost to the people.

education now calls for a total revamp of the way it is to be perceived as an individual, as a responsible society person and as a professional. And this process is constant for which space and support system is necessary for ideation, innovation and experimentation. GITS endeavours to provide all these to its students.

Q5. How is your university poised to take on new challenges and move on to the next level and what are your future plans?

Innovation backed by entrepreneurship is the key to success. We intend to build on this very fact while expanding Geetanjali group into a world class research centre. Innovative teaching to encourage out of the box thinking and an original approach towards entrepreneurial skill development programmes for our children is what we envisage. We want Geetanjali Group to be world-class research centre, for innovative study and research, where students can learn, practise and can create out-of-the-box thinking. With open mind we welcome and encourage all techhology innovations and best practices required for overall development of our students. Mr. J.P. Agarwal is a simple and soft-spoken person who is a chartered accountant by profession and began his journey in the year 1990 exporting Marble and granites and establishing^ Pacific Industries. In his business expansion, he started enterprises in Bangalore and Kami (a district in M.P.). Currently his Marble’s business is completely into export and famous for its Kami marbles. In 2002 Shri Agarwal established Geetanjali Education Society to fulfil his inner desire of creating a system of higher education which is academically sound and socially viable. Today this desire has blossomed into Geetanjali Institute of Technical Studies. On November 11, 2006, Mr. Agarwal brought to realisation his cherished dream of providing the people of Rajasthan with modern and world-class health care at affordable prices at Udaipur. He felt that the people of Rajasthan need not wander to other States or cities for their health-care needs. Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital, Udaipur (GMCH) was built in a record time of 11 months, serves not only the medical needs of the city and the State but since 30th October 2007 is also providing a platform for advanced medici education and training. Today, GMCH is a 1000-bed establishment it the Geetanjali Medicity spread across 35.5 acres. Geetanjali Medic:is proud to serve the people to Rajasthan State of the art medici facilities and renowned medical specialists. The various entities : Geetanjali University like; Medical College & Hospital, College : Physiotherapy, Institute of Pharmacy, School and College of Nurs:i. have established their place among leading institutions of India cur to their infrastructure, facilities, and excellent teaching methodolor The students of GU are provided with modern laboratories, libnr Wi-Fi connectivity7 and computer labs. The students are also give facilities like Hostel, Mess, Playground, Gymnasium and an ultr. modern Auditorium.








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Production & Operations

Digital Comm. VLSI

Power Systems Renewable Energy

As a professional graduate student at GITS you’ll have it

•     The first self financing Engineering college in southern Rajasthan

•     Highest placement in Southern Rajasthan in corporate like TCS, IBM, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Cotlagera etc,

•      First Engineering College which is get ISO’certified in Southern Rajasthan.

•      First Engineering College to get total admission filled every year in Udaipur region.

•      Maximum teachers students ration in Rajasthan.

•      College campus with total Wifi connection, Gym, Air-cooled hostels for boys & girls and medical facilities.

•     Highest number of externally funded student projects like: Department of Science Technoloy Rajasthan, Texas instruments etc.

•     First and only college in Rajasthan to organize Texas instruments India Analog

•     Design Contest (Cotiege -level) completely sponsored by Tl Bangalore.

•      Mode                                          h for conducting the faculty and student

development programm.

•      Only Errgi-‘eering College in southern Rajasthan to have NCC and NSS.

•      NBA Accreditation for the college is in progress.

•      By the success of this engineering college, the same management started the Medical University in Southern Rajasthan.




































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