Gordon Hayward announces he’s picked Celtics over Jazz, Heat

Gordon Hayward announces he’s picked Celtics over Jazz, Heat

Gordon Hayward, the free agent class price this summer, announced Tuesday that he would play for the Celtics, choosing his maximum contract offer over the Utah Jazz, his team since 2010 and the Miami Heat.

The small 6-foot-8 advance agreed a four-year, $ 128 million deal, according to sources. The deal also includes a player’s choice for last year, according to sources. This would allow Hayward to return to free agency with 10 years of NBA service when he could pursue another wholesale financing contract, and the starting salary of 35% of the salary cap.

Coming out of a 51-win season, Utah believes he faced something special with his All-Star forward. But the departure of Gordon Hayward is a serious setback.

You need stars to make the super-teams Golden State and Cleveland. Tom Haberstroh class 10 teams in their best talents.

Hayward, 27, said in the 2000-word article, comfort and familiarity with former coach Brad Stevens was a decisive factor in his Celtic membership.

Stevens took over the Celtics before the 2013-14 season and last season led to Boston with 53 victories, the first seed in the Eastern Conference and a late conference game with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In his second and final year at Butler, Hayward drove the Bulldogs to the national championship final, Butler lost by trying 3 points Hayward had not been able to enter.

“And this pending issue [Stevens and Hayward] was established in 2010 when I left Butler for the NBA,” Hayward said, “… in my case, all these years later, always there.
In the article, Hayward also addressed earlier reports on Tuesday that said he was headed to Boston.

“What is crazy is before I had the opportunity to make my decision, before I had the opportunity to sit down and write, and before I had the opportunity to talk to the people I love – I was already reading reports About where he was going, “Hayward said. “And I guess that’s how it works, in 2017. However, I’m sorry to have to work this way.”

Adding Hayward comes with some pain points for Boston. The Celtics need to clear the space needed to sign a maximum Hayward contract. The Celtics withdrew their qualifying offer to outfit big man Kelly Olynyk, ESPN sources Adrian Wojnarowski said, making Olynyk an unrestricted free agent.

Boston should always relinquish anti-veteran agents Jonas Jerebko, James Young and Gerald Green and waive an unsecured Jordan Mickey contract. Boston is another unsecured party deal according to Archer Demetrio Jackson, who could be barred or bargained.

The Celtics still have to move a rotation player – whether Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, Terry Rozier or Marcus Smart – to generate the necessary space fold.

Boston follows young players to provide depth, including option # 3 in the last two projects Jaylen Brown (2016) and Jayson Tatum (2017).

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