Maharashtra: With change in in-house quota conditions, chances dip for ‘outside’ students

Starting this year, pool seats for admission to fresh junior college (FYJC) will drastically reduce for students in the “open” category. With the extension of admission to the “internal” quota to include junior, run by the same parent institution schools that may not necessarily be located on the same campus as the secondary school, and 20 percent of the seats reserved for the quota – aimed at students from the same institution who graduate from high school to university-frames – the number of seats outside the full student category will be significantly reduced.

Meenakshi Raut, deputy director of education (Pune), a member of the Central Committee Admission Process (CAP), said the domestic quota has expanded this year, as indicated by the State Government.
“Until last year, the internal quota of seats were intended only for colleges that have an attached school on the same campus or building.

Students who exceed Std X of a school may apply to a university assigned to the contingent. However, as of this year, even if a school and a university are not in the same building or on the same campus, but are administered by the same parent entity or partnership, students are allowed to apply. Many colleges have been approved under this provision, including the best colleges in the city, “Raut said.

Colleges like Fergusson College College Abasaheb Garware, Modern College, SP College and so on have recently approved internal quota seats.
Leela Mali-Joshi, Deputy Director of Fergusson University and member of the PAC committee, said: “Until last year, we did not have the internal fees since we do not have a college attached to the campus itself. Now we have an internal quota.

Since our school is run by the Deccan Education Society, students studying in schools run by the same company can now apply for internal admission fees at our university. This means that even if a student is studying Ahilydevi High School and New School in English Ramanbaug, they can apply for admission here. In fact, it can be applied to any college run by the company in Pune.

However, the process has received mixed reactions compared to the directors. Although some say it’s fair to students from the same institute, others say it would cause more chaos. “Students are not only filling out the forms using the PAC, they apply to the seats at various youth colleges affiliated with the same institute, they confirm admissions with us and then move on to other places,” said Shrikant Gupta , Director Abasaheb Garware College.

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