Mira Rajput: Shahid Kapoor is a hands-on dad, he changes Misha’s diapers, plays and dances with her

Yes, girls, Shahid Kapoor is not only the perfect boyfriend or husband, he is also a great father and heart background looking at all the fun images, daughter star and wife Misha Mira Rajput in their social media .

Yesterday, Mira and Karan Johar launched the book Pooja Makhija ‘Eat Eliminate Junior’ which talks about child nutrition and gives advice on how to get a child to eat well. Mira and Karan two new parents made sure to have all the necessary advice for their children. However, after the release, we caught the beautiful mother of Misha and the wife of Shahid Kapoor, Mira Rajput.

She argued that she is not an actress and she does not have to be, and therefore has the freedom to say what she thinks, and when she meets her, she will know that this woman is natural and confident that when talking about Decisions made in your life and your plans for the future. Here is an excerpt from the interview.

How do you feel so much the attention of Shahid fans and followers?
He is extremely humble and at the same time is very supportive to have the love of so many people that I have never met. Credit goes to Shahid because he worked very hard and people love him for it. Always interact with your fans to make sure they are happy. I think this love has only expanded and I feel very happy.

I am a very relaxed person. I think a lot of people would see me surprised how I mastered everything so calmly, but this is really my very relaxed guy. I’m also very short mom, sometimes I wonder and ask people if I’m too flexible. I have two older sisters, so I saw a lot of things I learned by watching.

My parents also have a great role to play in making the person I am today, who always taught me to be content with who I am and who inspire me. This allows me to realize and helped me in this. Have you faced your opinions in the past, how do you approach the kind of attention you receive from the media?
It is difficult, I would be lying if I say that this is not difficult.

This is because if you go or not, no one likes to hear anything negative about themselves. Having said that, I have always been a person who responded to his thinking, I have never tried to take things that I have not expressed my opinions when I have one. When this view is beginning to become a judgment, that is the time it takes to look inside and ask if this is what needs to be done or not. For me, I am at the moment of receiving several.

Before I was the one who fleetingly utter things about people, but now that I am receiving, I realize that you have to be very careful because you never know what the other person has crossed. Many opinions become a voice, and that voice is something that can annoy, it will affect, and you just have to have the correct attitude regarding.

I am very proud to be a mother, and proud to be a young mother. I think the best decision with Misha earlier. I have all the time to give Misha and that does not mean I’m sitting at home and I’m worried about her. I think mothers naturally know how to juggle and multitask.

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