Is the NDA exam tough ? | Clearing your Myth about NDA Exam Here

The NDA exam is easy enough if you know how to handle the time during the exams.
Completely solve the mathematics of NCERT classes 11 and 12. Then solve math RS Aggarwal from NDA and NA, buy it at Amazon.
It has more than 150 questions per chapter. You swimming pool totally in math after solving it.
Get Arihant pioneer, solve it with precision and honesty.
Lastly, if you want to be an agent through the National Defense Academy, the whole trip is fairly easy if you were born as an officer.
An armed officer is not an ordinary person, who is socially, physically and mentally healthy and is perfect in all measures.
The best part of an agent is never reproached regardless of the situation.

If you want to break the NDA exam, then you have to sacrifice your sweet dream.

You have to get up at 4 am, regardless of the situation, and then start looking to do the NDA exam is easier.
For English, meet the competition exam in English, read all national and international affairs. Read the English and Hindi newspaper.
Good luck!

If you deserve it, you will realize it.

Never Forget “Fortune favors the brave”

If you want to score good marks on the written NDA, first, do your math as hard as you can. You can practice math of NCERT Class 12 (12 of the NCERT math class are more than enough for the mathematical NDA section).

And for the role of general knowledge, do your physics, your chemistry, your history, English box, so you can easily score good marks on the role of general knowledge NDA … Try to write down these questions in the sheet Of OMR in which they are not sure since it is not marked negative in the role of NES.

Stay calm and sincerely try your NDA document.

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