Nikkhil Advani on working with Saif Ali Khan for Bazaar: We did exactly what we did with Akshay Kumar in Airlift

Get to know Nikkhil Advani and you will know why progressive digital content plays an important role in making our country. The Director General opens his form in entertainment company Emmay Entertainment is not a “Bollywood camp” and is working with talent to create films focused on content and how Indian filmmakers are taking the next step making web series. Since taking on importance in digital content, do you think the content available on digital platforms in India has advanced enough?

I certainly believe that digital content in India today is progressive. That is, I can not accept certain things as a viewer, but that does not mean that we do not have progressive internet content in India. See Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor roasted, pushed these boundaries can not be pushed when presenting Indian movies and television.

Even the other things that guys do FST, or some short films that Rasika Dugal did, or this short called school bag I saw last night, is good! So progressive in other words, such as the way they were shot or those with which they shoot, actors are usually limited to being in three rows behind a big star or a secondary role, but they are too good so they get good roles Which play in this space, does not necessarily have to be always in the content, but good content is generated on the Internet.

How do you think India is in comedy as digital content, do you think India has an audience for comedy on the Internet?

The pressure of being spiritual is enormous on the internet. It is very difficult. For example, when Carrie Fisher died, I did not write “RIP Carrie Fisher, may the force be with you,” because a thousand people had to do that. So you have to think for twenty minutes and offer “RIP Carrie Fisher, the strength is dark tonight!”

So there is a lot of pressure, and if we reduce this pressure and appreciate it for what it is, there are very good things available on the digital platform in India. India will catch up, but I think in India, the web is used as a platform for promotions.

If my movie is coming out, do not care about the amount of time I was not on the Internet, but the next two months, I will use left, right and center; Test everything on the Web. It does not occur to the west. So many people do not have Twitter handles, they believe that unless they are seen, more attracts their mysticism.

They do not want people to enter their room. Internet in India is also used as a trap, if you do not see anything, I want to catch it online. I’m not talking about house of cards or other of the popular series that has problems. People get the TV programs that were lost watching TV, Hotstar is now a premier Internet portal, but the content is not too original, most of the time is catching up!

You must be open to understanding that the cinema is going through a big change in the way you look at. People will watch great television movies like Baahubali, Avengers and Fast and Furious because they do not want to see these movies on the 21-inch screen at home. Or you will see a Neerja or pink, or MS Dhoni because a viewer believes that, in addition to watching the movie, he takes something home.

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