‘Stop attacking Kejriwal without proof’: Yogendra Yadav’s letter to Kapil Mishra

A day after the execution, AAP leader Kapil Mishra apologised to his former teammate Yogendra Yadav for the launch of a campaign to expel him from the party, the president of India Swaraj wrote him an open letter askings to abstain from politics negative.

In the 420 word letter he wrote them on Facebook and signed as “his advanced age,” Yadav advised his former AAP companion that he should refrain from making allegations to Delhi’s head of government Arvind Kejriwal every day.

“I’m not saying that all of your claims are false. Some accusations carry a lot of weight, but for the rest, I still have no credible evidence,” he said in the letter.

“If you continue to make affirmations every day, it does not end PAA, but it will definitely end the faith that people have in politics itself,” he said.

When questioning Mishra’s silent allegations that he opposes the AAP and Arvind Kejriwal, Yadav said: “If you knew so much corruption in the party, what did you do in the party for two years. Today, you should look for the panacea instead “In response to the apology in the Mishra letter, Yadav said:” I have heard your excuses. However, instead of apologising, you must apologise to the thousands of GAL volunteers and collaborators and tens of millions of Indians who have been deceived, “Yadav wrote.

The two former PAA leaders continued to be part of the Swaraj after India were fired for pest control activities in 2015.

However, Mishra is appreciated to have the courage to apologise.

“Many people make mistakes, but not everyone has the courage to take responsibility for their actions. Even if it took a long time, their public apology will help heal many of our friends’ injuries,” he said.

Referring to the incident in which he replaces the Bhushan party, Yadav said in the letter that his confidence in humanity was shaken by seeing the paper, Mishra and other former colleagues.

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