Woman Offers $4K On Craiglist For Hit On Israeli Ex-Husband Read more: http://forward.com/fast-forward/376205/woman-offers-4k-on-craiglist-for-hit-on-israeli-ex-husband/

Woman Offers $4K On Craiglist For Hit On Israeli Ex-Husband

An Israeli woman living in Oklahoma has offered to pay $ 4000 for her ex-husband dead in Israel.

Danielle Dana Layman Ponca City, Oklahoma recorded the position of a “discreet” actor on Craigslist, calling for a “10-day overseas concert for an amateur salary and competitive!” The item requirements listed also included an “eccentric, kind, positive creative personality” and “audacity and courage,” reported the Oklahoma newspaper.

A person who answered the ad in the May FBI calls. She said Layman, using Samantha’s dowry name, offered $ 4,000 in cash, over $ 1,000 for expenses, to poison her ex-husband, a taxi driver, and gave her a bag of ricin for use on the plot , That of Oklahoma reported quoting a federal affidavit.

Layman was arrested Friday at his home and charged Saturday in a federal court in Oklahoma City via the Internet to file for a murder. She faces 10 years in prison.

During your home registration, you will find printed instructions on how to make venom ricin on your desk, as well as ingredients and tools.

In 2014, while visiting Layman at the age of 13, her ex-husband went to a rabbinical court seeking access rights.
Israeli opposition leader Isaac Herzog lost his bid for re-election to head the Labor Party on Tuesday to the left of the center and the job will be filled by one of the other two candidates who will dispute a tie next week.

Veteran legislator Amir Peretz, a former defense minister, dominated Labor Party voters with Avi Gabai, who is not a member of parliament and defeated him several months ago from a center-left at this time the second government.

Peretz took about 33 percent of the votes among Labor members, Gabbai won 27 percent, and Herzog was third of the seven candidates, with about 16 percent of the vote. Will run the second round to determine the leader of Monday’s game.

The work was merged with a smaller faction led by Tzipi Livni, a former foreign minister, to form the Zionist Union, which has 24 seats in parliament with 120 seats. But as the main opposition party, it had little influence on the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The latest opinion polls have predicted that with Herzog at the helm, the Zionist Union would be much worse than in the 2015 elections. The next general elections will be held in 2019.

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